Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hypo treatments

Sam over at Talking blood Glucose posted today about how raspberry flavoured glucotabs have changed, which makes me sad. It got me to thinking about how I treat my lows, and how everyone seems to be a bit different in what works for them.

My favourite things for treating lows are Skittles and jelly beans. But not just any jelly beans. Jelly belly jelly beans. Oh man I love them. But they are not cheap or easily found, so I make do with skittles. The reason I like these is because I can count out how many I need, and I know that about four skittles/jelly beans will raise me about one mmol/l, so it's easy enough to work out. This means that there are skittle stashes everywhere - in bags, pockets, my drawer at work etc.

I also use glucotabs, for sheer convenience, and they work quickly. I have a little holder on my keyring that holds four of them, so it's easy to carry, and durable! They also last forever, and so I also have pots of them around. Only the raspberry ones though (the orange ones are horrible).

I'll use juice if I have to, particularly if I feel that I need to get my BG up quickly, as I think it works fastest in me. There's this weird thing when I'm low, though, where I feel the need to *chew* something. It's really odd, and I don't know if it's to do with me associating chewing=food=energy, and so my brain automatically wants to eat something. I find with juice, I always want to eat something afterwards, and it's much harder to control those hypo munchies, whereas if I use skittles or glucotabs, then I've satisfied that urge, and it's easier to stop when I know I've had enough.

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