Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I don't know where my towel is...

I seem to be having a day of over-reacting to things. I woke up to a lovely blood glucose reading of 16.7, which appeared out of nowhere. I was due a set change, and looking over my logs it occurred to me that I've woken up high on the third day of the last three sets. I'm normally ok changing every 3-4 days, so this is unusual for me, but maybe it's due to the heat or hayfever or something.

Anyway, I make a note of it, and change out the set. Now, the last couple of highs I've had like this have been stubborn, and it's taken extra corrections and an increased temp basal to bring them down, so I decide to be a bit aggressive and increase my correction by about 20%, and put on a temp basal of 140% for two hours, similar to what I'd ended up needing before.

Only, two hours later we're about to go for coffee, and I check my BG and discover I'm at 4. That's a drop of 12.7 in two hours, and I still have insulin kicking around... I grab a handful of skittles, bung some sugar in my tea and have a couple of slices of toast, since I missed breakfast, and underbolus for it all, ignoring the little voice in my head that's telling me that I'm usually quite sensitive to carbs for a while after a high like earlier.

Two hours after that and I'm sitting at 11.5. Damn that little voice, I should have listened to it. I correct, have lunch and bolus as usual, and three hours later I'm 12.9. Dammit.

If I hadn't overreacted to the morning high, I probably wouldn't have got the midmorning lowish number, and then I wouldn't have panicked and overfed it. I *know * that I tend to be insulin resistant for a while after waking up high, so the sensible part of me knew that I should have bolused for what I'd eaten at break. It's so hard to fight that panic when you think you're heading for a low, though.

Ah diabetes, it's never simple, is it?

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