Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Basal tests are not my friend

I suspect that my basals and perhaps even my ratios may need tweaking, which means that most dreaded of things: basal tests.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with basal testing. As a science geek, I like gathering data and making pretty graphs and figuring out what's going on. I also like that being on a pump gives me the fine control to adjust my insulin where needed.

However, I hate the restrictions of a basal test. I hate the fasting, because I'm the kind of person who tends to graze throughout the day, and if I'm basal testing I can't do that and I get really hungry. I also hate that I can only really basal test if certain conditions are right - I should be in range at the beginning, I shouldn't have eaten or taken insulin within a certain time period, I shouldn't do it when I've just changed a set, if I'm more stressed or doing more exercise than usual. These are the things that particularly frustrate me, because sure as hell I'll decide to do a basal test and I'll randomly wake up with a BG of 14, or I'll ending up running about like a blue-arsed fly at work, or something will happen.

I have decided this has to happen though. I have to just knuckle down and do the tests, and then when I'm happy with my basals I can try and figure out if the reason I spiked so high after the last three meals is because my ratios need changing, or rice is just being a pain in the backside. I suspect a bit of both!

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