Friday, 2 July 2010

Well, that was new

So. I had a bit of a scare of Wednesday night, in which my blood sugar dropped so low I passed out and had a seizure in the middle of Sainsburys. I'm still not entirely sure what caused it. I'd been running high all day, and correcting on the advice of my pump, and then I'd gone shopping. I was 11 mmol/l when I left work at around 6:30, and I called Stuart at about 7:30 to say that I was nipping into Sainsburys before heading home. Fifteen minutes later and I knew something was wrong, so I checked my BG and got 2.9. I had four glucotabs and waited for them to kick in. Soon after that I realised things were getting worse instead of better, and my vision was starting to do weird things. I had eight more glucotabs, and I could feel myself getting woozy. The last thing I remember thinking is that I needed to get help, and then the next thing I know I'm being woken up by a paramedic, who told me that I'd passed out and I'd had a seizure.

They didn't give me glucagon, because when they checked my BG it was 5.6. They packed me off to A&E, where I spent the rest of the evening getting poked and prodded and tested before they let me go home. Two of my liver enzymes are elevated, but that's unrelated to what happened, just something they want me to follow up with my GP. Poor Stuart had no idea what had happened until I managed to get in touch with him at about 10:30, when he then had to come all the way out to Addenbrooke's to look after me. He also took yesterday off work (as did I) to make sure I was ok.

I spent yesterday going to see my GP and just generally feeling completely wiped out. My BG kept dropping, so I was deliberately running it high, and oh god, my muscles are still in pain! I also bit my tongue quite badly, so I'm now talking with a kind of lisp and it's bugging me when I try to eat. I'm adamant it's not going to stop me going to Brighton tomorrow to meet up with my fellow diabetics!

I'm still not sure exactly what happened. In 22 years of diabetes, I have passed out once, and that was when I was eight and being stupid, and I've never had a seizure. I think it was an unfortunate combination of the heat, the exercise, and something weird going on with my insulin absorption, so maybe some of it was pooling and then all kicked in at once. Otherwise where the hell did all those glucotabs go??

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