Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ups and downs

My little diabetic world has been a bit topsy turvy recently, and it's left me feeling a bit out of sorts.

I think I was a bit more shaken by the seizure last week than I originally realised, because I have completely panicked and overtreated two lows since then. And then yesterday I ran high all bloody day, and had site issues (my first gusher, and another site I wasn't convinced was working). I worried all day about trying to get my BG down, wondering if the same thing was happening with absorption as I suspect happened before my seizure, and being very cautious about trying to bring it down, but being incredibly frustrated with the whole thing. I think I would have been less concerned if I hadn't had the seizure last week, and, while I know I have to take what I can from the experience, it's bothering me that it's having this much effect on how I'm managing things.

In addition, I'm still a little bit worried about my liver and I'm feeling like crap because I stopped taking tablets for my hayfever. The doctor had given me the names of some other things I could take for the hayfever, but they're nasal sprays and I really don't like them, so I figured I'd just deal with it. Except it's kicking in properly now, and I felt like pants all day yesterday so I caved and picked up some Beconase today. I also have a bit of sunburn from the weekend, so all in all there's about a million things that could be affecting my BG right now and I don't like it. *scowls*

However, it's not all bad. The reason I have sunburn is because I went to the DS meet up in Brighton on Saturday, and had a fantastic time. It's so nice to meet up with people old and new, and there's something about talking about diabetes (among many other things) with a bunch of diabetics that is just amazing. No-one else really *gets* it the same way, and I had a great time on Saturday chatting away, and also sitting on the beach, wandering along the pier, and eating ice cream in the sun. :)

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